Professional Female Voice Actor

Professional Female Voice Actor

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"Working with Beth was a great experience.  Not only does her voice have a natural warmth, but she was able to give me a variety of readings on her lines that allowed me creative options when animating and editing the final scene.  She came prepared to work and took direction well, plus she was a lot of fun to work with.  I’d definitely call on Beth again."

Jeff Haas, Jibber Jabber Animation Studios

"Absolute pro.  Great read. Perfect timing. Beth took our direction with speed and grace. A total delight to work with and easily the most professional voice I've worked with thus far.  Will definitely work with Beth again."

- Brent Graham, Austin Video Production

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My Audio Book Catalog:

Visit my page to see the full list of all the titles I have recorded.

Featured Titles:

Click on the title for audio samples of each.  (Note:  books in a series are listed here together)

Jane Austen:

AnneMarie Brear:

Moira Katson:

Julie Seedorf:

Byron Tully:

Katie St. Claire:

"It’s perfect.  I got tears in my eyes because it sounded THAT awesome.  I could sit and listen to you all day."

G. R. Zee:

Janice Thompson:

Whirlwind:  Based on a True Story by Andrew Palmer

Get Me Skinny/Get Me fit/Get Me Medals by Tony Arreola

"Interesting enough Beth was able to voice a variety of different characters with just subtle changes in her voice. At no point was I bored or confused about who was speaking. Great Narrator."

Cynthia Wolf:

"What I like about you is that your male and female voices are very different from each other and most important, you are acting out the book, not just reading it. When I was listening …yours was the only one that put a smile on my face." 



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Commercial 45

Voice Over for Video Projects

Real Estate


Voice-over performance of character Marianne Lewis performed by Beth Kesler (Copyright 2014 Jeff Haas)

Accent & Dialect Coaching


Accent & Dialect Coaching for Voice Actors: A trained linguist providing convenient private sessions focused on what you want to learn!

Audiobook voices  ·  Cartoon voices  ·  Videogame voices ·  Radio/TV voices ·  Stage voices

Did you know that most VO’s don’t speak Standard North American?

Learn how – Rub off your regionalisms and reach a broader U.S. and Canadian audience!

Appalachian South vs. the Deep (Dixie) South

Do you know the differences?

Also Featuring:

British Accents including:

  • English Received Pronunciation

  • General Irish

  • General Scottish

And many more!

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$25 Per Hour

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